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Wendy Malinovsky is a designer with a child’s soul buried under a rainbow of colors.

Here is how one might present Wendy. Ever since she was a child, she has been in love with pink.

Probably because of her grandmother whose wardrobe was all pink.

Her palette developed as she grew up with one motto: “Good vibes only”.

Wendy truly believes that colors can make life less sad – as it can be during Paris winter days.

She has observed it in Japan, a country she is very fond of with the kawai culture, the pop colors and the fun that bring people together and make them happy.

She drew inspiration from this culture and combined it with the Moroccan craftsmanship to create the Wendy Malinovsky DNA. A touch of fun and a lot of sweetness!

She makes small productions and most of her pieces are unique, thus reinforcing the proximity between the artisan, the client, the designer and the product.

“Though my brand is very feminine for the moment, I would like to move towards something more unisex to create an entire Wendy family!” Pep, energy and vitality, discovery and creativity are the watchwords for the Wendy family. With a touch of humour and poetry.

Guaranteed freshness to bring home a little piece of blue sky! 

Limited series: don’t wait any longer!








-  Sheets, duvets, bedspreads, gonna be scared ! 

In the Wendy Malinovsky workshop, nothing is lost and everything is transformed, be careful avalanche of colors guaranteed! 

All the forgotten textiles from our childhood are recycled to give life to new treasures so thank you for pampering them.

- The majority of our pieces are unique or are produced in very small quantities (10 maximum), against the large distribution.

-We reuse all leftover leather and fabric so as not to waste on purses and scrunchies.

-And of course, all our pieces are imagined, developed and made with  LOVE !!! 

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